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Volvo S80 2.4T Project 16T Turbo

I had pretty big plans for the S80, shooting for a 270bhp instead of the 200bhp that the 2.4T has normally. You need an upgrade turbo for this, which I sourced from a T5 model, which has 250bhp bone stock. The swap would involve the TD04HL-13T to TD04HL-16T or 13T to 16T for short.

Fitment is pretty straightforward, but the coolant lines run differently, and this was quite a hassle as information on the internet seems very scarce. I found some, but needed some creativity as the build progressed.

I was also planning to mount the later “R” series manifold, but decided to sell it, as the Japanifold would give much better sound and equal performance.

In the end, I sold the 16T and mounted the 13T, saving the money up for something else. I needed to adjust the car a little bit, and according to the max MAF values, it makes about 240-245bhp, which is awesome.

It’s a totally different car from when I first bought it, that’s for sure!

Volvo S80 2.4t TD04HL-16T Turbo

Volvo S80 2.4t TD04HL-16T Turbo

The TD04HL-16T with the R-manifold

Volvo S80 2.4T TD04HL-16T + Upgrade Exhaust Manifold

The TD04HL-13T vs TD04HL-16T

Volvo S80 2.4T TD04HL-16T vs 13T turbo

Volvo S80 2.4T TD04HL-16T vs 13T turbo

Volvo S80 2.4T TD04HL-16T vs 13T turbo

Modifications needed for fitting the coolant lines

Volvo S80 2.4T Coolant Line Modification

Volvo S80 2.4T Coolant Line Modification

Rubbing will occur here

Volvo S80 2.4T Coolant Line Modification

Swapping out the VW Golf MK3 GTI Crankshaft Position Sensor

My car was cutting out when the engine was hot. RPM gauge dropped to zero instantly & engine cuts out immediateley. Scanning the car with vagcom / VCDS showed an error with the G28 sensor aka Crankshaft Position sensor. Other names are Engine Speed sensor and in Dutch BDP sensor or krukaspositie sensor.

I followed this video guide, which helped me tremendously, so thank you Thomas EXOVCDS. Took me about an hour on axle stands, so not that bad.

Van Renault Clio naar Toyota Aygo

En toen was de Clio ineens weg en kwam er een Toyota Aygo voor in de plaats. Van een 2.0 liter 4 cilinder blok naar een 1.0 liter 3 cilinder blok. Het is even wennen, maar na de Leon wist ik al dat er zoiets voor in de plaats moest komen (licht en zuinig). De auto heeft wat werk nodig, dat worden weer een paar mooie klusjes om te doen. Zo zag hij eruit na een wasbeurt.

Aygo front

Aygo front close

Aygo rear