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Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, 1 Picture Photoshoot 16-10-2022

Shot a pic when I was making some videos of the CLS.

Mercedes CLS55 AMG Iridium Silver

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, New Exide AGM 12-12 Aux (Auxiliary) Battery

Decided to replace the Auxiliary battery in the CLS, as I could not find how old the current battery was and also the top was dented?

I replaced the Varta Silver Dynamic AUX14 battery with an Exide AMG 12-12 battery. Replacement is very easy and can be done by any home mechanic.

Exide AGM Ready AGM 12-12 Battery

Exide AGM 12-12 vs Varta Silver Dynamic AGM AUX14

The AUX battery can be found on the passenger side, under the air cabin filter

Location of the AUX battery in the CLS55 engine bay

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, Photoshoot During Driveaholic.nl Review

At the end of the Driveaholic.nl review, we stopped somewhere to take some shots of my CLS55 (potentially to be used for the review).

Mercedes CLS55 AMG front view

Mercedes CLS55 AMG Quad tailpipes

Mercedes CLS55 AMG front

Mercedes CLS55 AMG side view

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, SL65 AMG Grille

Replaced the original CLS55 AMG 3 louvre grille with a single louvre Mercedes SL65 AMG type of grille. I didn’t expect the grille to make such a difference in looks. Very happy with the outcome!

Mercedes SL65 type grill

Mercedes SL65 type grill vs CLS55 AMG 3 slant/louvre grill

Mercedes SL65 type grill vs CLS55 AMG 3 slant/louvre grill

The stock 3 louvre CLS55 grille (it also had a hole)
The 1 louvre SL65 AMG type grille, looks way more modern and ties in better with the lower grille
Mercedes CLS55 AMG with SL65 grill

Mercedes CLS55 AMG with SL65 grill closeup

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, Picking Up The Groceries

Picking up the groceries with 467 BHP & 700Nm, got back in record timing 😉

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, My Car In 2013

Performed a search on my license plate and found a picture from february 2013! Cool to have such pictures from before I owned it 🙂

Source: Mercedes CLS AMG by timvanessen (Tim van Essen), on Flickr

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, Yellow Fog Lights

Added yellow tintfilm to the fog lights. Let me know what you think of this 🙂

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, In The Sunset

A shot of the CLS55 in the sunset, somewhere nearby to my home.

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, Damina Performance DM04 19 Inch Black Wheels

Was able to score another set of wheels just across the border (in Germany). The design from the Damina Performance DM04 wheels looked like something that I thought would look great on the CLS.

But after fitting them it left me with an underwhelming feeling. Sometimes, things can look good on paper, but in reality it doesn’t work out. For me, it was with these wheels. They look absolutely great, but I dont like the way they look on the CLS.

So they are up for sale again: https://link.marktplaats.nl/m1864897698

Whenever I buy new wheels, I make these selfies (sort of a tradition) 😀

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, vidaXL Parking Lot Picture

Just a shot on the parking lot of my current employer vidaXL. The wind turbines in the background have been built not too long ago.