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Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, Original Gates Serpentine Belt 1139970292 6K2449

Replaced the Contitech 6K2445 serpentine belt with an original Gates belt and was very surprised to see the actual difference. The ribs of the OE Gates belt are significantly thicker than the Contitech (Continental), something I did not expect to see.

Even though it’s way more expensive than the Contitech (about 70 euro vs 20 euro), I’m happy that I have chosen the Original OE option.

Partnr: 1139970292 6K2449

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, Meyle HD Gearbox Mount

Engine mounts are usually forgotten as a maintenance item, but not for me! I checked my options and found that Meyle had an upgraded mount in their product line. The upgraded series from Meyle are known as the “HD” series and they are OEM+ replacements.

I chose the Meyle HD gearbox mount to replace the factory Mercedes mount. Fitment 100% and the build quality looks to be very good. The front engine mounts will be replaced as well by Meyle mounts!

Meyle HD vs OE
Meyle HD vs OE