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DeWalt DCF899 impact wrench VS stubborn Volvo S80 Crank Pulley Nut VS Parkside PASSK 20-Li A1

I have been trying to get the crank pulley nut of the vibration damper of my P2 Volvo S80, but have been unsuccessful so far. I tried multiple times with heat, breaker bars, my Parkside PASSK 20-Li A1 impact wrench etc etc.

Decided to invest in a premium brand impact wrench and it has surpassed my expectations! Check my video

VW Golf MK3 GTI, New VW Hubcaps

A small mod with big impact, replacing the old worn hubcaps with fresh new caps. I bought them cheap from eBay.

The old…
Old VW Hubcaps

Old vs New

New vs Old VW hubcaps

New VW Hubcaps

And the final result

New VW Hubcamps