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Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, Heatwrapping The Intake Tubes

A mod which has been tested on MBworld already, heatwrapping the intake tubes to keep as much heat out of them as possible. I had white heatwrap lying around, so I used that ­čÖé

Small supporting mod and a very easy DIY.

Work in progress

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, Heat Insulation Airboxes Part 2

Added extra heat insulation on the airboxes, as they sit on top of the hot V8 engine (almost like a “hot v” setup). They can use all the help they can need to keep the incoming air as cool as possible, and using gold heat reflective tape is one of them.

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, New Intake Pipes (Gold Tape Heatwrap)

Noticed that one of the plastic intake tubes was broken, so I replaced them both. Fortunately, the intake pipes only costs 11 euro per piece, which is a steal!

I added gold plated tape, to fend of radiating heat and keep the incoming air as cool as possible. Took quite some time and effort, but I am happy with the end result and how it looks in the engine bay.

Broken hose Vs new hose
Work in progress on the gold plated tape

See all CLS55 AMG pictures here in my Google Photos album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/6SP5PFAUXCqanoSX9

Mini Cooper S R53 JCW Heatwrapped Stainless Exhaust

I heatwrapped the new stainless steel Gravity Performance catback exhaust. Unfortunately I ran out of titanium heatwrap, so I ordered some more (black) and finished the job.

It will help with scavenging and is a supporting mod for extracting more horsepower and torque from the Mini.

Mini Cooper S R53 JCW Heatwrapped Stainless Exhaust

Mini Cooper S R53 JCW Heatwrapped Stainless Exhaust

Renault Clio RS 172 Phase 1 Custom CAI

Een mod die ik al een tijdje op de agenda had staan, een custom Cold Air Intake, geïnspireerd op de K-Tec siliconen intake. Op zoek gegaan naar de juiste onderdelen, met hulp van ClioSport.net en AliExpress was het zo gepiept en kwam ik uit op de volgende oplossing. Zou volgens de dyno winst moeten geven, plus het inductie geluid is heerlijk!

Apexi Power Intake + Breather filter

Vroegtijdige oplossing (nog niet alles binnen)

First CAI mod setup

En toen alles binnenkwam kon ik alles netjes afmaken. De aluminium 90 graden bocht is ingepakt in heatwrap, helpt goed tegen de stralingswarmte van het grote 2 liter blok in het vooronder.

Apexi Closeup

Custom Cold Air Intake

Custom Cold Air Intake Overview