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Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, Heat Insulation Airboxes Part 2

Added extra heat insulation on the airboxes, as they sit on top of the hot V8 engine (almost like a “hot v” setup). They can use all the help they can need to keep the incoming air as cool as possible, and using gold heat reflective tape is one of them.

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, New Intake Pipes (Gold Tape Heatwrap)

Noticed that one of the plastic intake tubes was broken, so I replaced them both. Fortunately, the intake pipes only costs 11 euro per piece, which is a steal!

I added gold plated tape, to fend of radiating heat and keep the incoming air as cool as possible. Took quite some time and effort, but I am happy with the end result and how it looks in the engine bay.

Broken hose Vs new hose
Work in progress on the gold plated tape

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Caged Friends

Niet zo lang geleden weer een tripje gemaakt langs de lokale dierenwinkel, waar deze 2 mooie papegaaien te bezichtigen waren. Bleek dat ik net op tijd was, sinds ze net verkocht waren en de dag erop naar hun nieuwe eigenaars gingen. Erg mooie vogels om naar te kijken, nietwaar?

Ducked.nl - Caged Friends - Macaw - Ara Arauna


Vogelnaam: Blue/Gold Macaw (Ara Ararauna)
Camera : Nikon D70s / Sigma 18-50mm
Date : 16-03-2007
Location : Alexandrium, Rotterdam