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Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, Replacing The Rear Differential Oil

1.5 Liter of 75W140 GL5 Differential oil (LiquiMoly) and 2x new filler caps for the rear differential. I didnt have the correct hex key, but a T70 torx also works. Will be doing this again in the near future, so all the old oil is replaced with new oil.

I used a big syringe (150ml), which actually worked out very well. I will always recommend using new plugs whenever you notice that the plugs look old.

Partnr: A3529970032
The old drain plug
The old filler plug on the drivers side

Draining the old rear differential oil

New shiny drain plug
New shiny filler plug

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, Inspecting The Bottom Rear Side

Was a little curious to see what I would encounter so I made a picture of the bottom rear side. All the accumulated dirt in the differential heatsink was removed and cleaned thorougly, so it could function properly again.

The rest looked good, no rust issues, other than some surface rust on some parts. It also gives a good look on the modified exhaust (center resonator delete).