I just bought a Volvo VIDA Dice unit to read/check/solve issues on my 2002 Volvo S80 2.4T. I was able to source the software in a full All-In-One solution (OVA file), but login issues kept me from working on my car.

Symptoms: the login screen keeps refreshing when trying to login using your credentials.

I tried several things (like putting the machine date in the past), but none worked.

Solution: Patch the software with the latest patch, which should work until the year 2050.

How to solve the VIDA login issues

Step 1) Download the 2050 fix here: https://mega.nz/#!xpdF0K7D!ox5Td5sQdhwBSr2jF3C6syPeW77ETyT-t3zbUM_5ofM

Step 2) Extract and copy/move the contents of the patch in the VIDA main folder (if you are using the AIO solution, then it’s C:\VIDA\ )

Step 3) Run the executable “Patch” as an administrator. You will see a command prompt killing some tasks (this is necessary) and the patch will complete

ad Step 3) Run as administrator

Step 4) Wait a small amount of time (depends on the speed of your computer as the SQL Server is restarted). Shouldn’t take over a minute or so.

Step 5) Startup “Vida All-In-One” and login using either “1” or “ADMIN” (without the quotes!)

Step 6) Profit!

Please note: I do not own these files, neither do I host them!