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Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, New Serpentine Belt Tensioner

What do you do when you have a noisy serpentine belt tensioner? You replace it with a new one off course! Never skip an opportunity to buy new shiny parts 🙂

I was able to find a Trucktec Automotive tensioner for the m113k engine, which has a steel pulley instead of the known-to-fail plastic pulley. It’s an easy DIY task, the most time is spent on removing parts to get access to the tensioner.

Trucktec Automotive serpentine belt tensioner with steel pulley

Trucktec Automotive serpentine belt tensioner vs OE Mercedes Benz serpentine belt tensioner

New serpentine belt tensioner in place!

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, Installing The Best Supercharger Belt, The Gates K080507RPM

Installed the best supercharger belt you can buy, the Gates RPM series. RPM standing for: Racing – Performance – Muscle.

As I am driving with a stock setup (stock supercharger pully & stock crankshaft pulley), the correct belt is the K080507RPM. I also made some comparison pictures, as I seem to have collected all the Gates belts!

  • Mercedes Benz Gates OEM / A1139970192
  • Gates Fleetrunner / 8PK1289HD
  • Gates Fleetrunner HD Green / K080510HD
  • Gates RPM / K080507RPM 8PK1289

The RPM belt seems to have the most “grippy” material.

Gates K080507RPM 8PK1289

Closeup of the Gates K080507RPM 8PK1289

Label of the Gates K080507RPM 8PK1289

Mercedes Gates OE vs Gates Fleetrunner vs Gates HD Green vs Gates RPM

Mercedes Gates OE vs Gates Fleetrunner vs Gates HD Green vs Gates RPM / 4 Belt comparison

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, Autumn Exhaust Run

Shot some videos last autumn, this is one of them. The autumn leafs work great on video 🙂 Enjoy!

Mercedes CLS55 Autumn Leafs

Mercedes CLS55 Autumn Exhaust Run on Youtube

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, 1 Picture Photoshoot 16-10-2022

Shot a pic when I was making some videos of the CLS.

Mercedes CLS55 AMG Iridium Silver

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, Broken Brake Light Switch (Intermittent)

I received the dreaded red light brake errors on my instrument cluster, so I was preparing for the worst (broken SBC computer). When I scanned for errors, fortunately it only showed a faulty brake light switch.

Partnr: 0015454009 / A0015454009

Reduced braking power! Start engine!

ESP Defective! Visit workshop!

Reduced braking power! Depress brake pedal fully!

MB iCarsoft v3.0: SBC Brake Light Switch error (C261E) / State: Historic Hydraulic Fault Or Brake Light Switch Faulty

Values with a lightly squeezed brake pedal

New brake light switch A0015454009 / 0015454009

Location of the brake light switch

New and old brake light switch

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, First Dragy 100-200km/u Measurement, 9.72s!

Met up with Chris van Driveaholic.nl. Chris brought his Dragy with him so it’s rude not to put it to use. Very nice 100-200km/u run on the autobahn in Germany, with an excellent result; 9,72 seconds for a stock car!

Considering it was measured with 2 people in the car, around 75% fuel in the tank and EURO RON95 petrol (instead of RON98 or Aral RON102).

Safe to say that my CLS55 is quite healthy 😉 And very happy with this baseline. On to the next dragy runs!

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219 100-200 km/u in 9,72 seconds

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, Original Gates Serpentine Belt 1139970292 6K2449

Replaced the Contitech 6K2445 serpentine belt with an original Gates belt and was very surprised to see the actual difference. The ribs of the OE Gates belt are significantly thicker than the Contitech (Continental), something I did not expect to see.

Even though it’s way more expensive than the Contitech (about 70 euro vs 20 euro), I’m happy that I have chosen the Original OE option.

Partnr: 1139970292 6K2449

Mercedes-AMG Gates 1139970292 6K2449 Made in Spain serpentine belt

Mercedes Gates OE 1139970292 6K2449 serpentine belt vs Continental Contitech belt

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, SL65 AMG Grille

Replaced the original CLS55 AMG 3 louvre grille with a single louvre Mercedes SL65 AMG type of grille. I didn’t expect the grille to make such a difference in looks. Very happy with the outcome!

Mercedes SL65 type grill

Mercedes SL65 type grill vs CLS55 AMG 3 slant/louvre grill

Mercedes SL65 type grill vs CLS55 AMG 3 slant/louvre grill

The stock 3 louvre CLS55 grille (it also had a hole)
The 1 louvre SL65 AMG type grille, looks way more modern and ties in better with the lower grille
Mercedes CLS55 AMG with SL65 grill

Mercedes CLS55 AMG with SL65 grill closeup

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, Replacing The Crankshaft Double Pulley

After a incident in the garage, I had the idea that the crank pulley had a slight wobble. As these pulleys are known to separate (after a long period), I didnt feel comfortable with the car and made the decision to get this replaced.

Off course, its not a cheap item to replace, as this is an AMG specific item (2 belts running of the crank pulley, 1 for the accessory belt (6 ribs) and 1 for the supercharger (8 ribs)).

I went to Mercedes specialist Ralph Eidams in Brunssum where they were able to replace it within the hour, keeping down costs on labour. Even though it probably wasn’t necessary, I ultimately did it for peace of mind. I also let them replace the front main axle seal (krukaskeerring).

Partnr crankshaft pulley: A1130300103

Partnr crankshaft pulley bolt: 0009900200

Partnr front main seal: A0239978447

Ralph Eidams: https://www.ralpheidamsmercedes.nl/

CLS55 on the 2 post ramp

Mercedes CLS W219 on the 2 post ramp

Old crankshaft pulley out

New crankshaft pulley A1130300103 in place!

Mercedes CLS55 AMG W219, New Cup Holder

My CLS55 AMG was missing the fancy cup holder, so I ordered one from the far east. This is truly a next level design, and imagine this is a car from 2005.

Partnr: B66920118 / 2116800014 / A2116800014 / U8Q9
Partnr: B66920118 / 2116800014 / A2116800014 / U8Q9