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Volvo S80 2.4T Rezaw-Plast Plastic Skidplate

When I bought the car, it was missing a skidplate. A skidplate has a number of purposes, like protection, keeping dirt out, but also improving underbody aerodynamics and improving cooling and fuel economy of the car. A car is cooled by pulling air through your radiator (by the flow of lower pressure air under your car), instead of purely relying on high pressure on the front of the car.

I bought this Rezaw-Plast one via Motointegrator.de and it had a very good price (33 euro is a steal!). Fitment is very good, aligns well with the stock mounting holes.

Partnr: RP151901 / 151901 / 8634813 / 30741855 / 8624664 / 30741968

Volvo S80 2.4T Rezaw Plast Engine Undertray Fitted

Volvo S80 2.4T Rezaw Plast Engine Undertray Fitted

Volvo S80 2.4T Rezaw Plast Engine Undertray Fitted

Volvo S80 2.4T Dirty vs New Airfilter

Replaced the air filter. This is what a dirty airfilter looks like.

Change it on time, so your car keeps performing at peak efficiency!

Volvo S80 2.4T Dirty vs New Airfilter

Volvo S80 2.4T CAI Intake Modification

Decided to mod the intake flap to a more direct version, which should aid in forcing air into the airbox. Performance could be better, although right now I dont have the means to measure this.

Volvo S80 2.4T Default Air Intake

Volvo S80 2.4T Air Intake Mod

VW Golf MK3 GTI, Maintenance time

Performed some big maintenance work on the Golf GTI as this was highly needed. Always feels good when it has been done, in a nutshell:

  • Oil change (5W40)
  • Brake fluid change (DOT 4)
  • Fuel filter change
  • Oil filter change
  • New PCV / Oil Seperator valve
  • New Ignition coil
  • New Coolant Temperature sensor
  • New Air filter element
  • New interior filter (active carbon filter)
  • New Bosch Aerotwin Wiper blades
  • New Brake pads front + back

Maintenance time

Toyota Aygo K&N 57i (57-0669) kit (Video)

And also decided to post a little video from the K&N 57i (57-0669) induction kit. Enjoy!