Seat Leon 1M 1.8T 20VT Cupra 340BHP 460Nm – Seat Online Brabomeeting 26-05-2019

Made some flyby shots of Henry’s Seat Leon 1M 1.8T 20VT with Stage 3 tune (340BHP 460Nm). The car gave me a hella scare with the loud pops & bangs! This car is an absolute beast…

Film was shot during a meeting from forum , which was held on 26-05-2019

Mod list:

  • Stage 3 Tune by VVT aka Van Vught Tuning
  • KKK K04 Turbo Rebuilt + Forged Engine
  • Upgrade Clutch
  • Custom Intercooler
  • Custom Stainless Downpipe
  • Custom Stainless Catback
  • Forge BOV
  • Audi S3 Airfilter
  • Custom Intake

Location: Flight Forum Eindhoven