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Seat Leon 1M 1.8T 20VT 240BHP 380Nm – Seat Online Brabomeeting 26-05-2019

Made some flyby shots of Sander’s Seat Leon 1M 1.8T 20VT with Stage 1 tune (240BHP 380Nm). The car is stripped and equipped with some good supporting mods like a 3″ stainless downpipe + stainless catback and lightweight OZ Ultraleggeras with Nankang NS2R Semi Slicks.

Film was shot during a meeting from forum Seat-Online.nl , which was held on 26-05-2019

Sander’s Instagram > https://www.instagram.com/leon_20vt/

Mod list:

  • Stage 1 Tuned
  • K03S Turbo
  • 3″ Inch Downpipe
  • 2.5″ Custom Magnaflow Stainless Catback Exhaust by NM Parts
  • SFS Big Bore Turbo Intake Pipe
  • Forge DV
  • OZ Ultraleggera lightweight wheels
  • Nankang NS2R SEMI SLICKS
  • Stripped Car Trackday Tool
  • Cupra R Trim

Location: Flight Forum Eindhoven

Volvo S80 2.4T DO88.se Turbo Intake pipe

Replaced the air filter and the turbo intake pipe.

The intake pipe was upgraded to a blue Do88.se / Do88 silicone intake pipe, which is a fair bit larger, but also deletes some bottlenecks from the original part (like the narrowing bend on the bottom and the “harmonica”).

Gives a little bit more power from the butt dyno and noticed more intake growl (which is a good thing) 🙂

Volvo S80 2.4T Do88 Turbo Intake pipe

Volvo S80 2.4T OEM vs Do88 Turbo Intake Pipe

Volvo S80 2.4T OEM vs Do88 Turbo Intake Pipe

Volvo S80 2.4T OEM vs Do88 Turbo Intake Pipe

Volvo S80 2.4T Modified PTC Sensor

Volvo S80 2.4T CAI Intake Modification

Decided to mod the intake flap to a more direct version, which should aid in forcing air into the airbox. Performance could be better, although right now I dont have the means to measure this.

Volvo S80 2.4T Default Air Intake

Volvo S80 2.4T Air Intake Mod